People Are Sharing Bad Grade Stories, And It's So Wholesome

By Buzzfeed Staff | Mar 9 2020

We all have that one class that still gives us nightmares. It's been years and I still think about the anthropology class I got a D in. At the time, that bad grade seemed like the absolute worst thing in the world.

On Thursday, Twitter user @PAYOLETTER asked people to share what class they got a bad grade in that (surprise!) didn't actually end up ruining their whole life.

The author of the thread, Rae Paoletta, told BuzzFeed the question popped into her head the other day when she was crunching numbers at work. "I was suddenly reminded of the C+ I got in statistics in college. I was convinced I'd never get a job," said Rae, who now works as a content strategist and writer. "But you know what? C's get degrees, and everything worked out in the end."

"This thread has been so overwhelmingly positive, and I love reading people's stories about how they followed their dreams despite a 'bad grade,'" Rae said. "If you have the passion, drive, and determination, you can achieve anything. Also, very important: I'm proud of you."